Let's Talk Courts

Arapahoe County Courts provide access to justice in more than 24,000 cases annually and other critical court services for increasing numbers of residents.

Arapahoe County Courts serve all residents across the county with a host of legal needs including weddings, family law matters and probate as well as trails and sentencing for offenders from across the county. 

Arapahoe County Courts are handling more cases than ever due to increasing population. But ongoing infrastructure challenges including the need for additional court rooms and offices, as well as needed additional court staff. The county courts are working to develop innovative programs to deal with their challenges and save county taxpayers money, including an innovative pre-trail release program. It costs about $90 a day to jail defendants awaiting trial. Arapahoe County’s pre-trial release program for non-violent defendants’ costs taxpayers just $3 a day.

You can learn more about the services Arapahoe County Courts provide.

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