Serenity, Shani, Shavae, Skyla, ShaunTaniese

Shavae, Skyla, Shaun Taniese, Serenity and Shani want to grow up together!

Singing and dancing bring a smile to Shavae's face! Known for her outgoing and talkative personality, participating in plays allows her to shine. Shavae adores being part of her local children's club and is known for being a helpful and kind child. Keeping herself entertained isn't hard to do, and dribbling on the basketball court is one of the many ways this girl passes her free time. Shavae is respectful towards adults and is a leader with her peers. She is in the sixth grade and has received awards for being a leader at school.

Skyla loves playing basketball! When the clouds are out, playing dress up and using her creative power to design new worlds is on the top of her list. Skyla values honesty in others and adores being with her sisters and showing affection towards them. She delights in spending time at her local children's club and making new friends. Dancing, singing, and cheerleading is just a few of the ways she enjoys staying active with her sisters. As a fifth grader, Skyla does well in reading.

Gymnastics is Shaun Taniese's passion! Whenever there is an opportunity, this girl is showing off her flips and handstands. Her gymnastic skills give her a leg up on cheerleading. Singing and dancing are also fun ways Shaun Taniese enjoys passing her time. Giving hugs to her sisters and friends always brings a smile to her face. Shaun Taniese enjoys participating in her local children's club and playing basketball. Playing dress up with her sister on the weekends is fun for this girl. She gets along well with adults and peers. Shaun Taniese is enjoying the fourth grade.

Serenity is an animal lover! When she isn't doting on furry friends, this gal likes to sing and dance. Playing is always fun in her book, and she gets along well with peers. If she isn't playing with friends, Serenity is happy to play with her siblings. Shooting free throws and playing basketball is another way she enjoys passing time. If she isn't on the court, she is on the sideline practicing her cheerleading skills. She is keen on talking with adults and is also known as a respectful girl. As a third grader, Serenity is above grade level for reading, appreciates spending time with her mentor and is proud of the school awards she had earned.

For Shani, using her imagination for play is always a win! Playing pretend with her sisters is this girl's favorite thing to do, especially if that includes dressing up. When she isn't playing with her sisters, Shani can be found singing and dancing. She is keen on participating in plays. Spending time with adults and peers is enjoyable for Shani. She adores attending preschool.

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