Clerk and Recorder Wait Times

Wait times are an estimate only and are not a guarantee of actual wait time.

We are pleased to provide estimated wait times to help you plan your visit to Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder branch offices for Motor Vehicle, Recording or Election services.

Driver's License services are now available by appointment only.

Please come prepared with all of the necessary documentation to ensure faster and complete service.
Wait times are not available for our Byers Branch Office.

How are wait times estimated?
Wait times are calculated based on the number of customers currently waiting in our offices. However, every transaction varies in complexity and customer traffic is always changing. Please plan your visit accordingly and allow plenty of time in your schedule. Wait times are from the time of your arrival to the time you are first served.

What is the best time to visit?
Wait times are typically shortest on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Wait times are typically longest on Mondays and Fridays and at the end of the month.

What time do your offices close?
All offices close at 4 p.m. You must be inside the branch by 4 p.m. to be served that same business day. Sorry, no re-entry is permitted. See our Locations and Hours.

Can I pull a ticket and come back the following business day?
No, the customer queue starts over every business day. Tickets cannot be used the following day.